Student Diversity & Inclusion Council (SDIC)


Composed of Florida State University student leaders from a diverse range of campus circles, the Student Diversity & Inclusion Council [SDIC] is committed to launching and sustaining a university-wide campaign. This campaign underscores the importance of making diversity a university priority and empowers members of the campus community to build their capacity to engage across the borders of difference. The SDIC also serves as a representative voice on matters related to diversity and inclusion at FSU, offering insights and counsel from the perspective of the student population to the Diversity and Inclusion Council.


Differences, whether they be gender orientation, expression, and identity; race; religion; or socio-economic class have become a perpetual source of discord and division in our world today. Florida State University is uniquely positioned to write a different story, where differences are a catalyst for excellence and positive change. For this story to become a reality, a fellowship among faculty, staff, and students is critical. Many students are searching for a way to engage with those who may be different from them

and many others overlook the importance of doing so. The goals of improving representation of diverse groups and positively impacting the campus climate are interconnected and bound by the central role that students play in both. With the SDIC, students will have a centralized framework that will allow them to work together to build an inclusive campus where all members leverage their differences to become better thinkers and leaders. As a group, the SDIC embodies the spirit and power of

harnessing our differences in pursuit of a common purpose.


The SDIC is comprised of student members representing various networks on campus including but not limited to the Student Government Association, Greek Life, the Identity Agencies, the Center for Leadership and Social Change, The Center for Global Engagement, the Black Male Initiative, and student athletes.

The Student Diversity and Inclusion Council, a newly minted body composed of diverse student leaders serving under the auspices of the Office of the President, is pleased to announce the launch of the #Power of WE Campaign at FSU. As the first student-curated, university-wide campaign, #PowerofWE seeks to reimagine diversity and inclusion as tools critical to the success of every student. #Power of WE integrates strategic messaging with innovative programming in an effort to inspire a campus culture of engaging across different perspectives and identities. It is an opportunity to do more than accept differences and instead, leverage our differences to make a difference.

Simply the co-creation of this campaign is a testament to power of the collective. Students from different backgrounds and communities – from Greek Life to identity agencies, from student athletes to student scholars –convened together, discovered a common cause, and converged on a common purpose.

SDIC Executive
Annual Report

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