2018-2019 Mini-Grant Profiles

Center for Global Engagement, the Center for Leadership and Social Change: Tanu Kohli Bagwe, Elcin Haskollar, Miguel Hernandez (Faculty)

Project: Walk a mile in my shoes: exploring the narratives of DACA students is an interactive experience followed by a dialogue designed to sensitize FSU faculty, staff, and students to the challenges faced by DACA students. This project will challenge students to have difficult conversations on federal, state and institutional policies, and devise approaches to creating a more welcoming, inclusive, and equal society at FSU and in their own communities.

Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Teaching Organization (DIRECTO): Dr. Lisa Liseno, Yancili Lozano-Torres, Kate Hill, Katie Pierson, Valeria Rigobon, Kerestin Goodman, Brittney Dennis, Hanna Hoover (Students)

Project: The Second Symposium on Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Teaching is a project created to promote conversation, exchange ideas, and share best practices for addressing diversity, inclusion, and equity in research and teaching on campus. All members of the FSU community (undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni) are invited to participate in related workshops and interactive presentations.

Department of Art: Rob Duarte (Faculty)

Project: FSU Student Art Exhibition for an Audience that is Blind and Visually Impaired is a public art exhibition specifically designed to engage with an audience that is blind or visually impaired. This project exposes FSU art students to the concerns of a broader audience, challenging students to consider the unique needs of an audience with a visual impairment. The museum exhibition will be open to the public from December 8 through December 14.

College of Education/School of Teacher Education/Special Education Teaching Program: Stacy Hardin (Faculty)

Project: Project PEACE: Preparing Educators to Advocate for and Cultivate Equity in College Classrooms prepares

faculty and staff within the College of Education to facilitate and engage in conversations around sensitive topics within education, such as racism, sexism, and religious differences. This event will feature five face-to-face training sessions.

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (COSSPP) Women Graduate Student Network: Hanna Hoover, Marielena Dias (Students)

Project: Hosted by the COSSPP Women Graduate Student Network, FSU Diversity & Inclusion: Strategies for Women in Academia Series is a mini-series of luncheon seminars geared towards faculty and graduate students who identify as women. The purpose of the mini-series is to provide additional ment instruction p regarding topics which may not have been addressed during each department’s teaching workshop and/or colloquia.

University Libraries: Emily Mann, Jenni McKnight, Krystal Thomas (Faculty)

Project: Diversity and Inclusion in Popular Literature at Strozier Library is an effort to increase the amount of both fiction and nonfiction books from and about underrepresented groups. Books that are diverse and inclusive have been shown to help improve empathy of their readers. This grant gives the Library the ability to provide more of these books to the Library's patrons.

Center for Leadership & Social Change: Maria Roldan (Student)

Project: MLS - Night of Distinction is a performance and creative segment that will showcase talent from around FSU's campus, amplifying an important message of diversity. The vision of the event is, "In order to heal, we must empower and assess through the execution and facilitation of the arts."

College of Motion Picture Arts: Valerie Scoon (Faculty)

Project: The Diversity in Motion Pictures Film Screening and Speaker Series features filmmakers from underrepresented backgrounds—women, minorities, and members of LGBTQ+ constituencies—screening their work and discussing how they have developed both their creative voices and career opportunities in an industry still dominated by straight, white men. This event will commence in spring 2019.

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