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Across the nation, institutions of higher education are struggling to build meaningful community from an increasingly diverse student body. With programs like Unconquered Scholars, FSU is redefining what inclusion can mean on college campuses—which has led to our being named one of only 14 "Diversity Champion" universities nationally by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. Our approach starts with a belief that diversity is about more than a particular head count: it must reflect the quality and depth of interactions. By valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities within our community, we create a fertile environment for problem-solving—one that is more inventive and compassionate. We’re proud that our cohesive community has become a signature of the FSU experience. But we can, and we will, do more.

This position serves as support to the EDI office by assisting in the planning, development, and delivery of diversity and inclusion projects and communication. Assists with the planning of related meetings, workshops, training, and special events; prepares and distributes meeting materials. Assists with the preparation of reports and the compilation of materials related to Diversity & Inclusion projects; attend meetings as requested; participate in assigned trainings and self-directed activities to enhance learning and further demonstrate mastery of the student’s respective field.


Meet our Current Interns:

Eliza Harris

Diversity and Inclusion Intern 


I am a MSW Student at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, S. C., and a Generalist Social Work Intern at FSU, Tallahassee, FL. I developed an interest in Equity and Diversity as a child when I was often picked on for my weirdness which helped me develop a radar for social injustices early in life. Despite my shyness, I never hesitated to stand up for the bullied or excluded. I believe that an awareness of something greater than myself filled me with courage and confidence and guided my actions. I have known since childhood that I would never look away when someone is in distress, nor would I ever succumb to complacency or apathy.

I chose to travel and start a family instead of head straight to college out of high school, a formal education and career would wait for me. It was not until my thirties that I would earn a bachelor’s degree in history in 2006. It would be another decade still before I would achieve my first master’s degree in thanatology (the study of death, dying and bereavement) in 2020. The opportunity of studying end of life was a powerful learning experience as it allowed me to reflect on my own unprocessed grief while providing me a greater depth of understanding of the existential questions with which we all grapple as humans.

Initially, I wanted to pursue a MSW to become licensed to work in the Hospice setting. Through my studies at Winthrop University, however, I have come to realize the versatility of social work as a profession and want to avoid limiting myself to work with any one population. I then began my generalist field placement with Florida State University’s Human Resources department of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion with the belief that my unique perspective, combined with years of experience in customer service and education, will align with my core empathetic qualities, and my passion for serving the disenfranchised and underserved.


Jasmine Walker

Diversity and Inclusion Intern

"Jasmine Walker"

As a person with the mindset of pushing for a continual progression for diversity and inclusion, this work has always interested me. I am interested in this line of work because it aims to further create an environment for equal opportunity in all parts of the workplace. This placement will assist in my professional career path by covering a multitude of different characteristics within organizations such as recognizing, creating, implementing, and spearheading plans to promote inclusion and diversity. 


Jade Lewis

Diversity and Inclusion Intern

I am a MSW student at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Diversity and inclusion work has always interested me because it gives one the opportunity to meet and learn from people who come from different backgrounds. It also gives every individual a fair and equal chance to be involved in what they are passionate about whether it be in the workplace or a university. Being an EDI intern will assist in my professional path of becoming a licensed clinical social worker by learning how to create a hospitable setting for my clients so that they can feel comfortable within themselves when voicing their problems and concerns.


Kayla Dover

Diversity and Inclusion Intern

I am a Graduate Student at Florida State University’s College of Social Work. I am interested in the different ways we can promote and implement equity for different minority groups, boost their voices, and advocate for change. In the future, I would like to go into policy in some capacity. Understanding the work that goes into Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is really important to me so I can properly advocate for policy that emphasizes the importance of EDI and actually puts forth solutions to inequities we see in our society currently.


If you are interested in applying to the D&I Internship, please contact Annie Grier at agrier@fsu.edu.

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