Coffee Chats

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Office (Office of Human Resources) is excited to announce a new initiative: Coffee Chat 


Coffee Chat, hosted by the HR-EDI Office, aims to build a more inclusive and interconnected community on campus and the greater Tallahassee area. Separate from the EDI Lunch & Learn Series (intended to promote resources on campus that support underrepresented faculty, staff, and students), “Coffee Chat” is intended to foster relationships and build connections both across campus and the local area.

Coffee Chat will be hosted on the first Friday of the month from 8:30am EST – 9:00am EST.

Guests will range from university faculty, staff, and community entities. Each Coffee Chat guest will answer the following three questions:

  • What’s new?
  • What should we learn?
  • What should we share?

Coffee Chat is a part of the HR-EDI Office’s effort to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus community in alignment with the Diversity & Inclusion goal of the university’s strategic plan. We believe that goal extends beyond the campus grounds and that part of employee belonging is connecting to the community beyond the workplace.

If you have ideas for future Coffee Chat sessions, please email Betsy Staudt Willet,


Coffee Chat Schedule

The Zoom link for the Coffee Chat Series is:


February 3: Kristen Summers, Sustainable Tallahassee


Past Coffee Chats:

March 4: Barbara Wescott, founder and executive director of Women Wednesdays


April 1: Shaikh Abid Wahab, Islamic Center of Tallahassee


April 15 (8:30 am - 9 am): Robert Cohen, Tallahassee Jewish Federation 


April 15 (9 am - 9:30 am): Chain of Parks Art Festival & Lemoyne Arts


May 6: Maggie McColley, Alliance Française de Tallahassee


May 20: Florida Emancipation Day with Amanda Hamon, The Grove Museum


June 3: Capital City Chamber


July 8: Katelyn Wonsock, Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals


August 5: Aurora Hansen, Asian Coalition of Tallahassee


October 7: Lashawn Gordon, United Partners for Human Services


November 4: Alex Spencer, founder of Common Ground Books

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