LatinX Faculty & Staff Network (LFSN)

The LatinX Faculty/Staff Network (LFSN) is committed to supporting the inclusion and recognition of LatinX Faculty, Staff and Students at Florida State University. The LatinX Faculty/Staff Network also supports the University’s mission and strategic plan through the promotion of an inclusive and affirming campus climate. The objectives of the organization are:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and discussion of important issues which affect LatinX faculty, staff, and students at Florida State University
  • To provide a resource for the professional development, retention and advancement of LatinX faculty and staff members at the university
  • To provide a resource for the academic development and retention of LatinX students at Florida State University
  • To promote and enhance opportunities for equity, diversity, and inclusion within the university and the Tallahassee community
  • To establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with various university units, the alumni, community groups and LatinX faculty and staff at other institutions
  • To monitor and encourage the inclusion of diversity and equity as an integral part of the mission and strategic plans of Florida State University

Current Officers:

title-inside title-centered
Robinson Herrera
Dr. Robinson Herrera

Faculty Co-Chair
Stefany Moncada
Stefany Moncada

Staff Co-Chair
Dave Rodriguez
Dave Rodriguez


David Orozco
David Orozco