Affinity Groups

The EDI Office is interested in supporting the formation of Affinity Groups for (1) faculty and staff with Native American/Indigenous identities and (2) Persons (faculty and staff) with a disability. If you are a faculty or staff member interested in participating in this effort, please contact our EDI Office at

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Affinity Groups are voluntary associations comprised of Faculty and Staff who have common interests. They play a vital role in articulating, promoting and supporting the needs and goals of their various communities and organizations. Their primary focus is to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing the presence of diverse faculty and staff. The Groups can assist the organization with the recruitment, retention and promotion of top diverse talent. In addition, they can help increase morale, provide insights into diverse areas, build bridges to the community and empower members. Affinity Groups also serve to spotlight the achievements and accomplishments of the organization's faculty and staff.

Florida State University considers Affinity Groups to be a vital component that connects various members of the FSU workforce with each other and with the institution. Therefore, an inherent element of the mission of an Affinity Group is to promote the welfare of Florida State University and to establish mutually beneficial relationships between FSU, its workforce, members of the Affinity Group, and the communities. 

Current FSU Affinity Groups

Association of Chinese Professors at FSU (ACP-FSU)

Black Faculty and Staff Network (BFSN)

LatinX Faculty Staff Network

Queer & Trans Employee Network

South Asians Noles Association (SANA)

Veterans, Friends and Family Group (VF2G)

Women In STEM