Why Observe National Civility Month?

"National Civility Month" in blue on a pale yellow background. With an image of office workers sitting at a table talking to each other.

Defining National Civility Month

Politeness and Chivalry are vital aspects of Civility. Those aspects of civility allow us to make intimate connections with one another. With a heightened sense of civility, our people are able to create more friendships allowing workplaces and homes to become welcoming environments that everyone wants to be a part of. People being civil to other people is what makes the world a whole lot better and is the key focus of National Civility Month, which is held in August each year.

This holiday was founded to help the world remember to treat others the way we wish to be treated ourselves — with kindness, empathy, and respect. As we’re gaining a new understanding of ourselves and the environment around us, we are reaching out to people, sharing our love and care, and being civil to one another. And still have a long way to go to become a world mostly free of incivility, which is what National Civility Day addresses.

Ways to Observe National Civility Month

  1. Practice civility ourselves

True change begins with us. So, remember to maintain civility in all interactions with other people. Spend time reflecting on your actions, noting how people reacted to them and figuring out how you can better yourself in this regard.

  1. Influence others towards civility

Your civility can inspire others, too, like a ripple effect. Be the role model and the standard of decent human behavior, so others around you maintain the same levels of civility.

  1. Raise awareness about civility together

Talk to people around you about the importance of this day. You could also drive change by encouraging various officials to hold special events on civility awareness and training this month (or year-long).