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 Student Resources


The Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement (CARE) at Florida State University works to provide equity and access to students with identities traditionally underrepresented in higher education. CARE partners with these students in navigating barriers that exist for them based on educational and socioeconomic circumstances. CARE aims to recruit, prepare, and support targeted first-generation college students for successful adaptation and academic success at the undergraduate level.

CARE has several programs that support Florida State University students' academic and personal growth. The following are some of the programs that CARE provides:

  • QUEST Scholars Program

    • Designed to invest in students for their success at FSU and beyond.

    • Expect to have access to transition, academic and developmental services to thrive at Florida State and set the stage for a positive post-graduation experience. 

    • Supports the mission of Horizons by embracing students with diversity in identities and lived experiences on their journey to attaining a college degree.

  • Transition, Engagement, & Academic Mentoring (T.E.A.M.)

    • Provides first-year students an opportunity to be connected to a peer mentor to help with their transition and engagement.

    • Have the opportunity to serve as mentors to students in the program.

    • Students who become TEAM leaders have the opportunity to build leadership skills and make a lasting impact on their fellow peers.

  • FGEN Noles Living-Learning Community (FGEN Noles LLC)

    • Promoting pathways related to engagement and success.

    • Facilitating your transition into and through the first year of your FSU collegiate experience.

    • Encouraging the development of academic, career, and social-related support networks consisting of other first-generation college students, faculty, and staff.

    • Affirming students' academic confidence and belonging within the FSU community.


.For more information, contact CARE:

(850) 644-9699 (Administrative Offices)

Identity Groups

Identity Groups

CARE programs provide numerous opportunities for students to improve their academic engagements with Florida State University. However, some first-generation students can feel disconnected from their peers and culture. That’s why the FSU Student Government Association provides several agencies where students can connect with peers and make their voices heard.

The following are Student Unions at Florida State University:

  • Asian American Student Union

    • The AASU promotes and provides for the social welfare of the Asian American student body at Florida State University. It functions as an educational and cultural learning instrument for the FSU community by providing cultural programs and materials which promote awareness of and appreciation for the various and distinct Asian cultures. AASU advocates for the growth of civic engagement and involvement with our members and students at FSU. The AASU shall serve as the nucleus of a network to improve the opportunities and living conditions of the Asian community. To this end, the AASU shall represent all registered Asian student organizations on campus, coordinate available resources, and serve as a catalyst in protecting the rights of the Asian student body. To educate students and promote the Asian cultures through seminars, workshops, guest speakers, and social events and to also promote unity within the Asian cultures.

  • Black Student Union

    • The Black Student Union seeks to develop unity among Black students so that jointly and powerfully they can express concerns and problems faced on campus. The Black Student Union attempts to create awareness to the total university community about issues relating to Black culture through its sponsorship and involvement in programs on campus. By assuming this role, we hope to bring about Black awareness to through planning and participating in Political, academic, and cultural activities. Through our future growth and development, we know that Black Students will be understood. The Black Student Union is the official voice and representative on issues concerning Black students.

  • Hispanic/Latinx Student Union

    • The Hispanic/Latinx Student Union shall serve as an institution dedicated to gathering information in regards to trends, necessities and achievements of the Hispanic/Latinx community. It shall serve as a nucleus for a network with other national institutes and organizations to improve the opportunities and living conditions of the Hispanic/Latinx community. The Hispanic/Latinx Student Union will function as an educational and cultural learning instrument for students, faculty and staff. The Agency shall provide a centralized coordination of resources and services for the Hispanic/Latinx community. It shall be open and accessible to everyone, thus providing a liaison between Florida State University and the Tallahassee community.

  • The Jewish Student Union

    • The Jewish Student Union serves as a welcoming and accepting environment for Jewish students, Jewish allies, and all interested students. We are the centralized home for the Jewish community at Florida State University. We educate and inform the student body of the culture of Judaism as well as issues pertinent to the Jewish community, such as the Holocaust and Antisemitism.

  • Pride Student Union

    • We are One of the Seven Identity-Based Agencies of the Student Government Association. Our mission is to advocate for, empower, and provide community spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people within both the FSU and Tallahassee communities. The Pride Student Union's office is located on the third floor of the New Student Union, room 3234.

  • Veterans Student Union

    • The Veterans Student Union is commited to serving all student veterans and the interests of those who support them. The primary goal of the VSU is to promote good academic standing and successful employment for all members. Within this mission we also promote and support the bonding of student veterans within the FSU community and help Florida State University create the "most veteran friendly public university in the nation."

  • Women Student Union

    • The Women Student Union fosters the growth of women personally, professionally and politically. The WSU will celebrate the power existing within every woman to promote self-autonomy, denounce all limitations, educate on systems of oppression and advocate inclusivity within a diverse community. WSU facilitates a network among organizations, departments, and services to embrace, engage and empower.


Along with the academic and social struggles that students face, mental health is another issue of concern to students. Florida State University understands that students may need assistance handling their mental well-being that is why Counseling & Psychological Services at Florida State University provides students the resources they need.


There is a multitude of resources for students here at FSU.  Some departments at the university have a variety of resources that students can utilize to improve their overall well-being. The following are some resources provided by The Center for Leadership & Social Change:  

  • Multicultural Leadership Summit

    • The summit provides opportunities for participants to learn about their identities and how they impact the ways in which they choose to show up in the world each day. MLS educates participants to empower them to be agents of social change in an increasingly diverse and global community.

  • Women’s Leadership Institute

    • Rooted in the belief that leadership is learned through experience, education and reflection, WLI will focus on women’s leadership development, create a dynamic learning environment, and invite FSU women students to learn with and from FSU women faculty, staff and alumni.

  • Social Justice Ally Training

    • The mission of the Social Justice Ally Training program is to educate members of the Florida State community about issues related to social justice in order to develop allies who will promote an equitable and inclusive environment and serve as social change agents in a diverse and global society.

  • Community Ambassador Program

    • Community Ambassadors link local nonprofit agencies with the people, programs, and resources on FSU's campus. Each ambassador works with one local agency for a full academic year, learning the inner workings of that agency. Ambassadors bring knowledge of their agencies to Florida State, connecting campus and community. An ambassador's knowledge of their agency's specific service needs, combined with the center's resources, create opportunities for positive, sustainable change through the university and the local community.