President's Diversity & Inclusion Mini-Grant Application Instructions


The criteria for receiving a grant are based on a proposal’s connection to both the University’s mission statement and Strategic Plan, and its commitment to diversity. Competitive proposals will meet these requirements:

The project must have the potential to impact a significant portion of the campus community. The project activities must be clearly defined and activated.

The project has a well­defined evaluation plan and measurable outcomes with built­ in evaluation tools or metrics of success to assess impact.

Project activities are open to all students, faculty, and staff at FSU.

Project activities must be completed within November 15 ­ October 31 of each academic year.

Application Process

Proposals must be submitted through the online application by 5 p.m. on Monday, November 8, 2021. You may access the application via the link at the bottom of this document. Awards will be announced during the second week of November.

A Final Report must be submitted within 2 weeks of completion of the project. Applications will be reviewed by the President's Council on Diversity & Inclusion for referral to the Chief Diversity Officer.

Proposals will be judged primarily on the following criteria: Soundness of the project design

The rationale for the project

Feasibility of completing the project within the timeframe proposed Qualifications of the applicant(s)

Alignment of the project to the goals of the Strategic Plan

Funding Information

Funding is one­time only and must be used during the academic year for which it is awarded. Awards can range in amount depending on the scope of the project. Proposals must include complete budget information outlining all sources of funding, sponsorships, or in­kind donations/services. Funds may only be used for the items approved in the award notification.

Certain purchases such as food, alcohol, and decorations are not allowable through the Mini­Grant Program. For specific information on permissible purchases, please contact Raja Benton at

Marketing Information

Projects sponsored by the Mini­Grant Program should include the Council logo on all print, web, and social media marketing materials. For text-only publicity, include the phrase “Sponsored by the President’s Council on Diversity & Inclusion.” Samples of marketing materials should be submitted to before usage. Please contact Raja Benton to obtain the official logo.